MicrobiomeAnalyst is developed using Java (web), R (stats and static graph) and JavaScript (interactive visualization).

  • The web framework was developed based on the Java Server Faces technology using the Primefaces component library.
  • The metabolic network and 3D interactive visualization is implemented based on the jquery, the sigma.js and the CanvasXpress JavaScript libraries.
  • The backend statistical analysis and graphical outputs are performed based on our MicrobiomeAnalystR package.

MicrobiomeAnalyst is hosted on Google Compute Engine with 52GB RAM and 8 CPU cores (2.4 GHz each). Please note, the client-side data visualization requires a modern browser that supports HTML5 canvas and JavaScript. MicrobiomeAnalyst has been tested under Google Chrome (5.0+), Firefox (3.0+), and Internet Explorer (9.0+).

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