Update History
  • Minor bug fix for taxonomy file parsing issue (09/18/2017);
  • Code refactoring for performance improvement (09/15/2017);
  • Interface improvement and minor bug fixes (09/03/2017);
  • Fixed the color consistency issue with interactive piechart (09/01/2017);
  • Added support to merge small taxa for abundance profiling based on either sum or median abundance (08/31/2017);
  • Improved color schemes for barplot and piechart in abundance profiling (08/30/2017);
  • Fixed bugs and enhanced support for parsing mothur output (08/15/2017);
  • Added support for correlation analysis (07/25/2017);
  • Core microbiome analysis is now added (06/20/2017);
  • Added support to download result table from alpha and beta diversity analyses (06/09/2017);
  • Added 5 public datasets from environmental metagenomics studies for PPD; (06/07/2017);
  • Updated support for mothur output (05/11/2017);
  • Fixed the bug for boxplot image display (05/03/2017);
  • Improved code for faster taxonomic binning (04/28/2017);
  • Added support for generating PDF and SVG images for all major graph outputs (04/03/2017);
  • Bug fixes for CSS normalization on OTU data (03/22/2017);
  • Metabolic network now shows the matched KO members for current pathway (03/20/2017);
  • Updated FAQs based on user feedback (03/08/2017);
  • Added 38 species sets (now 174 in total) collected from over 25 publications (03/03/2017);
  • Improved barplot and piechart visualization based on user requests (03/01/2017);
  • Updated tutorials to support both Video and PDF versions (02/24/2017);
  • Users can now double click an edge in metabolic network to view reaction details (02/14/2017);
  • Added support for interactive enrichment network for TSEA (02/10/2017);
  • Added support for history view in PPD (01/25/2017);
  • Added 108 species-level taxon sets and 40 higher level taxon sets (01/15/2017);
  • Added support for rarefaction curve analysis (01/05/2017);
  • Enhanced point-and-click support for PCoA 3D visualization (01/04/2017);
  • Added support for normalization based on rarefying for minimum library size (12/28/2016);
  • Added support for parametric and non-parametric t-test/ANOVA (12/20/2016);
  • Added support for projecting user data with public 16S rRNA studies (12/10/2016);
  • Added support for Taxon Set Enrichment Analysis(11/15/2016);
  • Added support for network association analysis (SPEC-EASI) (10/15/2016);
  • Added metagenomeSeq for differential analysis (09/30/2016);
  • Added support for LEfSE (Linear discriminant analysis effect size) (09/20/2016);
  • Added support for shotgun metagenomic data analysis (09/10/2016);
  • Added support for Tax4Fun for prediction of metabolic potential (08/26/2016);
  • Added support for PiCRUST for prediction of metabolic potential (08/15/2016);
  • Added support for BIOM format and MOTHUR output files (07/08/2016);
  • MicrobiomeAnalyst test release (06/15/2016);
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